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Intimate Photography for individuals or couples portraits - boudoir portraits, intimate glamour, glamour maternity, and artistic nude photography

Intimate Photography at our Miami Photography Studio is about creative photography and emotion, avoiding by far mass production. Expect a very different process than you may have experienced at other Intimate Portrait Studios. You will become both our muse and the patron for our intimate photographer, and it will require more of your time than just popping into a local photography studios at the department store, and it will be more expensive, but both the experience and your Hollyood Style Intimate Photographs created by Top Miami Photographer Alex Manfredini will be of a vastly different caliber.

The primary difference between Intimate Portrait at our Miami Portrait Studio and standard studio portraits at any other Miami Photo Studio is that we guarantee your privacy. We will not use your Intimate Portraits in our portfolio, web site, or promotional materials unless you provide specific, written permission to do so, or we will crop the images to not to be recognisible. We personally process and print all your images, so there is never a lab tech or third party involved, and no chance of copies getting out through a third party. Also, unless you request otherwise, We always hand deliver prints at our portraits studio to local clients so there's no chance of them being lost in the mail.

Your pre-session consultation is an essential first step in producing your portraits. The consultation ith our intimate portrait photographer generally lasts about an hour. During that time, we will discuss your preferences for style, tone, and presentation, and we will discuss intimate glamour photographs in terms of the feeling they express and your vision for how you're portrayed.

We will plan a series of intimate portrait photographs based on your pre-session consultation so we have a basic outline for the portrait studio session. However it will be a guideline, not a fixed script for your intimate portraits. I will help with poses and direction and take care of all the technical aspects of producing high quality intimate photographs, but We will ask you to participate in the creative process, not just be a "subject" of the intimate portrait session. If you want to try variations on something we discussed in your pre-session, or if you come up with new ideas during the shoot that hadn't previously occurred to you at all, we'll follow where the imagination leads. We will experiment, shoot the same shots using different lighting and different angles, and re-shoot the ones that just didn't feel right. We are not considered as a photography studio that operates on recipe lighting and three poses. Many shots will turn out exactly as we planned. Some will not turn out the way either of us envisioned. Sometimes that will mean it's a good thing we shot others, but often one of those unexpected shots will be the one you simply fall in love with.

It's important during your intimate portrait session that you be relaxed, that you not feel rushed, and that we have the opportunity to experiment and work with your ideas to get just the shot you want. Most intimate portrait sessions last around two hours, and there is no limit to the number of wardrobe changes. You're welcome to bring CDs or MP3 players with your favorite music at our Intimate portrait Studio. You're welcome to bring along a friend if that helps you feel more comfortable. You're welcome to ask questions about the process as we go along. In fact, you're welcome to do anything (within reason) that helps you have a more relaxed, enjoyable experience.

Miami Photographer and Guru Alex Manfredini, will be your photographer and his wife Sandra will be assisting him during the whole intimate portrait photoshoot. They are a husband and wife team and have been happily married for over 25 years, ith more than 15 years of expereince doing intimate portraits. If needed, our hair and makeup artist, will be present for touchups. No one else is in the studio with us when we create your portrait

We work by appointment basis only. Usually there is a 1 to 4 weeks wait between booking and shooting. Your initimate portrait pre-session consultation with our top intimate photographer will occur during that time. You will normally receive your online proofs within 24 hours after your session. After you replay with the selection it will take approximately 1 week to prepare and deliver your prints. If you prefer us to assist you in your choice of the very best image,we can schedule another appointment and we will explain your additional options: a retouched photo versus a digital painting, a fine-art paper print or varnished canvas, etc. We will also discuss framing options and all of the associated costs.

We require a 50% of the estimated price to book your photoshoot and the balance due before we proceed on your intimate portrait and is payable by cash, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Sorry, no personal checks ill be accepted. We have a strong satisfaccion guarantee policy. If you do not love your intimate portrait we will repeat it for free (you only ill paid for make up and hair service, if any) It is that simple. At Kendall Portraits, Our main goal is to provide you with a intimate portrait that will give you and your loved ones a lifetime of satisfaction.

The photoshoot of your intimate portrait will be held at our Kendall Photo Studio unless you request otherwise in advance. We have portable portrait studios and we can shoot your intimate glamour portraits at any location you choose. Some clients have chosen to shoot at their home. Some have rented a nice hotel room. Others have chosen a secluded outdoor location. Most of them prefer the privacy of our Photography Studios. The decision is entirely yours.

Sounds good for you? To schedule a complimentary consultation call 305-254-1445 ext2 or send us an e-mail