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Product Photography

Kendall Portraits is a Product Photography Studio highly experienced in Product Photography. We used to creating Product Photography very often so we know about what you need and desire in your Product Photography. We can provide references of recent Product shoots with satisfied clients.

Check our Product packages bellow to know what includes, and which on fit your needs. Also, let us know if you need a Product package tailored specifically to fit your needs.

Tell us about the type of Product images you need and let our ability create them. When need it, our celebrity make-up artists provides the makeup for the Product photo shoot. Our services includes unbelievable Product photo retouching and Product airbrushing services. At Kendall Portraits Product Photography Studio we deliver all our images on cd but in printable and web formats so that you can have copies made whenever you need them. You receive usage and reprint rights of your Product photographs for your personal or commercial use.

You will be able to see your Product pictures 24 hours after the shoot. We will assist you in your posing - If you are new we can help with posing suggestions. If you feel more comfortable with, you can bring a friend or parent to the Product photo session.

We offer the strongest satisfaction guarantee policy in the Product Photography Industry. We want you be satisfied with your Product photos. Period. You can see an example of our incredible money-back guarantee to get an idea.